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Vous êtes ici…donc bienvenue!

Mis à jour le 2017-03-07 11:21:31 Que la Lumière vous guide et vous bouleverse!

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Une réponse à Vous êtes ici…donc bienvenue!

  • The contribution of to free press

    Hello there !
    I am sorry I do not speak French but I think I can help your users.
    I saw that that you mentioned Reporters Without Borders on your page here: so I figured that free press is a subject you care for.
    This is not an easy time for journalists all over the world, with the discoveries of surveillance on citizens, which includes journalists and their sources.
    I’d like to ask you to share a guide, written by one journalist to his colleagues all over the world. The guide can help them protect their work and fulfill their mission.
    If you can add it to your page, as well as share it over social networks, it would be a tremendous help to the free press.
    Thanks in advance,

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